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What is an AuraTransformation™?

An AuraTransformation™ is a Once In A Lifetime Personal Energy Treatment that permanently raises your consciousness by anchoring the powerful New Time Indigo & Crystal Energies unfolding around us into your body & aura. This upgrades the human energy system to a much higher love & truth-based level, so that you can live your life in balance & more easily manifest your desires, dreams & talents in the world.
Your Life Purpose is activated.

It jumpstarts a key evolutionary process that is equivalent to several generations-worth of normal living.

The perfection of the new aura is that it anchors a synergy between one’s charisma, drive, and intuition, together with physical action.
You begin to make huge short-cuts in your life.

Anni Sennov, the founder of AuraTransformation™

Live a more love-filled life, better able to express who you are in the world!

Enjoy this Short Video Introduction to AuraTransformation™

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What will I get out of it?

  • It feels like finally 'coming home' to the you you have always longed for!

  • You feel more love, joy, wholeness & strength, regardless of outside circumstances, like the feeling of being in love

  • You are in direct & constant contact with your Spirit in a down-to-earth way, felt in your body, without having to perform spiritual practices - your life becomes a natural flow of following what your heart is truly passionate about

  • You have more protection in & around your body & boundary-setting is clearer

  • You have more clarity & awareness

  • You have more charisma & a greater magnetism, drive, power & groundedness to attract, create & live the life you want

  • Your strengths are greatly increased & old emotional difficulties & thought-patterns are dissolved or have much less power.

  • Solutions to challenges come more easily

  • Put simply, you become more of who you really are (but without the heavy baggage) - you feel better & can achieve more!

    My own AuraTransformation™ has felt like 'the icing on the cake', simply the best thing I have done in terms of personal growth! It seems like the equivalent to decades-worth of normal living! I feel more whole & confident & experience a lot of love & joy just going about my day - old patterns of low self-esteem & anxiety/depression states are now rare. I enjoy feeling more solidly grounded & protected in my body. I feel more 'Here' & 'Now', clear, calm & self-aware, like a constant state of meditation. Things & people that used to drive me a bit mad, just don't. Challenges feel lighter. And my passion to facilitate others' empowerment has grown. My life flows better. It feels like finally 'coming home'.

    Life becomes a much more loving, heart-oriented, spirit-in-the-body experience, right here, right now!

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    Why do I need an AuraTransformation™?

    Signs & Symptoms that you may be ready for an AuraTransformation ™

  • Feeling you are capable of living much more fully

  • Oversensitivity to others' emotions & the environment (allergies / skin conditions / smell sensitivity / tinnitus / dizziness / extreme tiredness / insomnia / headaches / constant flu-like symptoms & aches / sore throat)

  • Feeling claustrophobic in many areas of your life & even in your own body

  • Changes / breakdowns / endings in relationships / career / health

  • Emotional purification / limiting emotional & behavioural patterns exaggerated

  • Constant need to clear your mind / balance your emotions with spiritual rituals & meditation in order to maintain equilibrium

  • Heightened / Ascending states of consciousness that are hard to integrate into your life

    Why do you work on my Aura?

    We are formed of 3 types of energy:
    1. Visible & the densest form of energy - The Body
    2. Partially visible & less dense form of energy - Immediately surrounding the body in the Aura - such as our thoughts, emotions , hopes & patterns of 'acquired & learned' behaviour, often self-defeating
    3. Invisible & almost lacking in density - Immediately surrounding the Partially visible Energies in the Aura- our Spirit / Higher Mental Body

    The visible part, the body, is a manifestation of the invisible & partially visible energies that surround & permeate the physical body.
    Vibrations in the Aura are seen as mirrored in the physical body & one's life circumstances.

    So the Aura is:
    1. A magnetising agent & will draw to us a reality reflecting our patterns in our Aura.
    2. Also a powerful boundary & protector, keeping out unwanted people & energies & circumstances.

    As more & more higher vibrations of consciousness (New Time Energies) are arriving on our planet & entering our systems, more & more people are losing their old Aura field & feeling unprotected, over-sensitive, like they are bouncing wildly from high to low & unable to create the new reality they feel is possible.

    An AuraTransformation™ brings in a much more powerful & protective Aura, dissolving old, unhelpful patterns & allowing the new energies to be anchored in & around our bodies so that we can live a more love-filled, joyous life in keeping with our passion & life purpose.

    10 Questions & Answers on AuraTransformation™

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    How does an AuraTransformation™ work?

    An AuraTransformation™ is a more efficient upgrade to your Aura & Body, like a software update, bringing in The New Time Energies that all children after 1995 have been born with.
    (This Indigo & Crystal Energy is much clearer, more protective & love & truth-oriented than the previous energy system of those born before 1995).

    During an AuraTransformation™, you lie down comfortably, while the Aura Mediator holds your feet & activates the necessary energy in you to transmute your energy system: A qualified Aura Mediator has the necessary training & pure balanced energy in place to trigger your own expanded spiritual energy, connected to the New Time Love-Intelligent energy, to heal & upgrade your own system, so nothing is imposed from outside.
    Your Present Energy Structure is healed & cleared including your karma & imbalances/blockages in the chakras.
    Your old Aura (the lower mental body, etheric layer & astral layers) are then dissolved.
    Lost parts of your Spirit consciousness, left with other people, times & places, are returned & anchored around your body.
    The Indigo/Crystal Balance Body is manifested & anchored around your body, which operates as a protective zone & grounded, magnetic field, giving you the drive & intuition to express who you truly are in the world.
    Information is shared as to your current issues & blockages & incoming energies, talents & life circumstances.

    AuraTransformation™ is particularly recommended for Parents, Teachers & Carers of Children born after 1987 to improve communication & understanding between you.

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    AuraTransformation™. Crystallisation

    After your AuraTransformation™/ Crystallisation

    Over time, your new Crystal / Indigo Aura will fill every cell of your body, so that your spirit energy or true, pure innocent, essence is embodied in a very grounded way (called The Crystallisation Process).
    This helps you really express & materialise your dreams & talents with way greater impact.
    After your AuraTransformation™/ Adjustment / Balancing, you are very much empowered to master your own balance & life with the Balancing Self-Care Tool we teach you.
    Still, it is sometimes helpful to have some Balancings from an Aura Mediator to help the Crystallisation Process - the integration of the new energies down to cell level in your body.
    I very much like to keep in touch & hear how you are getting on, offering Balancings / Chats / Other supportive Treatments / Arranging AuraTransformation™ Talks, if that's what you would like.

    More in-depth info on the Crystallisation Process can be found in 'The Crystal Human & the Crystallisation Process Part I & II'

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    Book your AuraTransformation™

    Please read 'Balance On All Level with the Indigo & Crystal Energies' by Anni Sennov (the founder of AuraTransformation™) before your AuraTransformation™
    OR Kindle Edition
    This is to ensure you are fully informed of the process.

    AuraTransformation™ & Balancing | 4.5 Hours in 2 Parts | £425 (One-Time Treatment)

    Balancing | 1 - 1.5 Hours | £140 (Also for people born after 1995)

    Aura Adjustment | 2 Hours | (£200) ( For those born 1992 - 1995)

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