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An AuraTransforamation is not intended to replace orthodox medical treatment.
Please seek medical advice from your doctor for any medical condition & ask for them to agree to any complementary treatment you choose to undertake alongside it.

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What is an AuraTransformation™?

An AuraTransformation™ is a Once In A Lifetime Personal Energy Treatment that permanently raises your consciousness by anchoring the powerful New Time Indigo & Crystal Energies unfolding around us into your body & aura. This upgrades your human energy system to a much higher love & truth-based level, so that you can live your life in balance & more easily manifest your desires, dreams & talents in the world.
Your Life Purpose is activated.

It jumpstarts a key evolutionary process that is equivalent to several generations-worth of normal living.

The perfection of the new aura is that it anchors a synergy between one’s charisma, drive, and intuition, together with physical action.
You begin to make huge short-cuts in your life.

Anni Sennov, the founder of AuraTransformation™

Live a more love-filled life, better able to express who you are in the world!

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What will I get out of it?

  • It feels like finally 'coming home' to the you you have always longed for!

  • You feel more love, joy, wholeness & strength, regardless of outside circumstances, like the feeling of being in love

  • You are in direct & constant contact with your Spirit in a down-to-earth way, felt in your body, without having to perform spiritual practices - your life becomes a natural flow of following what your heart is truly passionate about

  • You have more protection in & around your body & boundary-setting is clearer

  • You have more clarity & awareness

  • You have more charisma & a greater magnetism, drive, power & groundedness to attract, create & live the life you want

  • Your strengths are greatly increased & old emotional difficulties & thought-patterns are dissolved or have much less power.

  • Solutions to challenges come more easily

  • Put simply, you become more of who you really are (but without the heavy baggage) - you feel better & can achieve more!

    My own AuraTransformation™ has felt like 'the icing on the cake', simply the best thing I have done after 25 years of personal growth practices! It seems like the equivalent to decades-worth of normal living! I feel more whole & confident & experience a lot of love & joy just going about my day - old patterns of low self-esteem & anxiety/depression states are now rare. I enjoy feeling more solidly grounded & protected in my body - I no longer feel overwhelmed & hyper-sensitive to other people's energy. I feel more 'Here' & 'Now', clear, calm & self-aware, like a constant state of meditation. Things & people that used to drive me a bit mad, just don't. Challenges feel lighter. And my passion to facilitate others' empowerment has grown. My life flows better. It feels like finally 'coming home'.

    Life becomes a much more loving, heart-oriented, spirit-in-the-body experience, right here, right now!

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    Why do I need an AuraTransformation™?

    Signs & Symptoms that you may be ready for an AuraTransformation ™

  • Feeling you are capable of living much more fully

  • Oversensitivity to & being drained by others' emotions & the environment (being overwhelmed by other people's energy / feeling others' energy in your body , mind & emotions to an uncomfortable degree / allergies / skin conditions / smell sensitivity / tinnitus / dizziness / extreme tiredness / insomnia / headaches / constant flu-like symptoms & aches / sore throat)

  • Feeling claustrophobic in many areas of your life & even in your own body

  • Changes / breakdowns / endings in relationships / career / health

  • Emotional purification / limiting emotional & behavioural patterns exaggerated

  • Constant & time-consuming need to clear other people's energy & your mind / balance your emotions with spiritual rituals & meditation in order to maintain equilibrium

  • Heightened / Ascending states of consciousness that are hard to integrate into your life

  • You intuitively feel it's right for you (recognising on some level that it will anchor into you the new, more effective energies appearing on the Earth in the children being born since 1995)

    Why do you work on my Aura?

    We are formed of 3 types of energy:
    1. Visible & the densest form of energy - The Body.
    2. Partially visible & less dense form of energy - Immediately surrounding the body in the Aura - such as our thoughts, emotions , hopes & patterns of 'acquired & learned' behaviour, often self-defeating.
    3. Invisible & almost lacking in density - Immediately surrounding the Partially visible Energies in the Aura- our Spirit / Higher Mental Body.

    The visible part, the body, is a manifestation of the invisible & partially visible energies that surround & permeate the physical body.
    Vibrations in the Aura are seen as mirrored in the physical body & one's life circumstances.

    So the Aura is:
    1. A magnetising agent & will draw to us a reality reflecting our patterns in our Aura.
    2. Also a powerful boundary & protector, keeping out unwanted people & energies & circumstances.

    As more & more higher vibrations of consciousness (New Time Energies) are arriving on our planet & entering our systems, more & more people are losing their old Aura field & feeling unprotected, over-sensitive, like they are bouncing wildly from high to low & unable to create the new reality they feel is possible.

    An AuraTransformation™ brings in a much more powerful & protective Aura, dissolving old, unhelpful patterns & allowing the new energies to be anchored in & around our bodies so that we can live a more love-filled, joyous life in keeping with our passion & life purpose.

    10 Questions & Answers on AuraTransformation™

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    How does an AuraTransformation™ work?

    An AuraTransformation™ is a more efficient upgrade to your Aura & Body, like a software update, bringing in The New Time Energies that all children after 1995 have been born with.
    (This Indigo & Crystal Energy is much clearer, more protective & love & truth-oriented than the previous energy system of those born before 1995).

    During an AuraTransformation™, you lie down comfortably, while the Aura Mediator holds your feet & activates the necessary energy in you to transmute your energy system: A qualified Aura Mediator has the necessary training & pure balanced energy in place to trigger your own expanded spiritual energy, connected to the New Time Love-Intelligent energy, to heal & upgrade your own system, so nothing is imposed from outside.
    Your Present Energy Structure is healed & cleared including your karma & imbalances/blockages in the chakras.
    Your old Aura (the lower mental body, etheric layer & astral layers) are then dissolved.
    Lost parts of your Spirit consciousness, left with other people, times & places, are returned & anchored around your body.
    The Indigo/Crystal Balance Body is manifested & anchored around your body, which operates as a protective zone & grounded, magnetic field, giving you the drive & intuition to express who you truly are in the world.
    Information is shared as to your current issues & blockages & incoming energies, talents & life circumstances.

    AuraTransformation™ is particularly recommended for Parents, Teachers & Carers of Children born after 1987 to improve communication & understanding between you.

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    AuraTransformation™. Crystallisation

    After your AuraTransformation™/ Crystallisation

    Over time, your new Crystal / Indigo Aura will fill every cell of your body, so that your spirit energy or true, pure innocent, essence is embodied in a very grounded way (called The Crystallisation Process).
    This helps you really express & materialise your dreams & talents with way greater impact.
    After your AuraTransformation™/ Adjustment / Balancing, you are very much empowered to master your own balance & life with the Balancing Self-Care Tool we teach you.
    Still, it is sometimes helpful to have some Balancings from an Aura Mediator to help the Crystallisation Process - the integration of the new energies down to cell level in your body.
    I very much like to keep in touch & hear how you are getting on, offering Balancings / Chats / Other supportive Treatments / Arranging AuraTransformation™ Talks, if that's what you would like.

    More in-depth info on the Crystallisation Process can be found in 'The Crystal Human & the Crystallisation Process Part I & II'

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    Book your AuraTransformation™

    Please read 'Balance On All Level with the Indigo & Crystal Energies' by Anni Sennov (the founder of AuraTransformation™) before your AuraTransformation™
    OR Kindle Edition
    This is to ensure you are fully informed of the process.

    AuraTransformation™ & Balancing | 4.5 Hours in 2 Parts | £495 (One-Time Treatment)

    Balancing | 1.5 Hours £180 | 2 Hours £240 (Also for people born after 1995)

    Aura Adjustment | 2 Hours £275 | For those born 1992 - 1995

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