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About Lulu Brown


I am very happy to offer you my guidance & support for you to create a rich, empowered, fulfilling life.

I have been helping people for more than 25 years to find the inner tools of stillness, power & creativity needed to re-charge & find solutions & magic to everday life.

I offer safe hands, the wisdom of experience & intuition for you to 'come home to yourself' - you will then feel more energised & confident in creating the life you want to lead.

I specialise in getting to the heart of whatever is in the way of your health, happiness and peace & helping you move easily & creatively through. Having been a 'tough case', I very much appreciate my mentors who didn't give up on me, so I like to pass the favour on: I will do whatever it takes, using balanced energy, clairvoyance & the many tools I have acquired, to get you to more joy.

I am particularly interested in helping people in times of great change, transition & personal transformation.

After studying Law at Oxford University, I realised that what I was really passionate about was understanding how our minds, bodies & emotions create our lives.
My own early feelings of unhappiness, disempowerment & low self-esteem propelled me onto a long, deep journey of studying & practising Healing, Psychotherapy & Meditation. (I am also a Qualified Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Facilitator).
All in search of self-love, freedom from my own demons & joy.
AuraTransformation™ has been the final icing on the cake of 'coming home to myself' - of feeling balanced & whole & surrounded by love & magic.

I love to help people bring more balance & joy into their lives.

I enjoy dancing 5 Rhythms, painting watercolours for healing, meditation, walking in nature, cooking healthy food & spending time with good friends.

I am very happy to hear from you.
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With all my love



Mindfulness Facilitator 2016
Aura Mediator 2013
Theta Healing Basic | Advanced | Digging Mastery | Manifesting Abundance | Intuitive Anatomy 2008
Usui Reiki Master 2002
BodyOriented Psychotherapist (BA Psychology) 1997
Aromatherapy ITEC 1993
Massage, Anatomy & Physiology ITEC 1992
Spiritual Healing 1992
Tibetan Pulsing Healing 1989

Luu Brown
Member of the Complementary Therapists Association (MCThA), Embody


Treatments offered are not intended to replace orthodox medical treatment.
In case of a medical condition, you should seek medical advice from your doctor & obtain his permission for any complementary treatment you choose to undertake alongside it.

These are the personal opinions of Clients:


After doing a lot of healing work, I found myself still feeling somewhat fragmented and in need of integrating something, but wasn't sure 'what' or 'how' to do it.

I found it increasingly challenging that, despite all the work I'd done, I still felt disconnected and shut down. I was going round in circles with a self-perpetuating conflict between my 'head' and 'heart', which meant that I was second-guessing when it came to making decisions about my life. I also felt immensely constricted and fearful of boundary invasions.

When I read Anni Sennov's book, 'Balance on All Levels', I could totally identify with the transitional symptoms relating to expansion of consciousness and aura It all made perfect sense … and so I chose to have an AuraTransformation.

During my session with Puja, I could feel the energy moving through my body and energy systems. And, it soon became apparent what was creating my sense of fragmentation and disconnect. A deep-rooted trauma had been hardwired into my energy system. I had been experiencing flashbacks of this incident for years, but had not found the right 'tool' to resolve it. I was so relieved that I was finally being released from it. I could actually 'smell' the negative energy surrounding this experience being 'burnt' away. I welcomed the instant sense of freedom this healing brought.

After further clearing, cleansing and healing, my old aura structure was dissolved; allowing energy that didn't belong to me to be released and lost energy to be returned to me. And then, my new aura was created. I thoroughly enjoyed this process and the new sensations it brought. My head suddenly became still and I felt myself dropping down more easily into my heart centre and sensory experience. And then finally, I became aware that I was fully present in my body.

Since the session, I've continued to feel this way. My awareness and senses have heightened and I feel that my 'core essence' is shining through. Others seem to be noticing it too - both humans and animals! I've had some noticeably serendipitous and funny moments too … from random people stopping dead in their tracks and looking right into me, to a group of men in my presence suddenly blurting out to each other "smell my aura" … and lashings of attention from our K9 friends, who seem to do an "about turn" and follow me like the proverbial Pied Piper, much to the bemusement of their owners!

Now that I'm fully present in my body with my heart open, I feel much more able to live in the moment. In the days that followed the AuraTransformation and balancing session, I was able to process and release some difficult emotions that needed to be experienced physically. All this has created so much more space for my creativity and truth to come through … and it is wonderful to experience the 'empowered' vulnerability that follows from that. With this has come strength and discernment along with the ability to say 'No' and let go of what doesn't feel right for me. This has been so liberating and has enabled me to open up to love, to new possibilities and to embrace who I am.

I'd highly recommend an AuraTransformation with Puja. If you feel in your heart that you're ready to transform yourself and embrace the changes it brings, then I'm sure you'll find that it is right for you. But only you can know that.

This is a life-changing process that continues way beyond the session; releasing, aligning and transforming on many levels. Puja is a powerful, intuitive facilitator with much self-awareness and integrity, who remains impartial throughout and shares information generously. I found that she held a safe, sacred space in which I could let go and trust in this process. I felt totally comfortable in her presence and wonderfully at ease in the soft, light surroundings of her room.

Thank you, Puja

Ally Oliver
Creative Expression Facilitator


I chose to have an Aura Transformation because I felt bombarded by energy, I felt as if it was literally getting inside me and knocking me sideways. I felt I had very little protection from outside energies. I was hoping it would support me in feeling more grounded and stronger in myself and more protected in an unguarded way. I feel it has done exactly that.

I felt the difference straight after the sessions and I continue to feel stronger and stronger as I find my way with my new feeling of inner strength. I feel that I have a protective wall now, a wall that allows me to let in the beautiful and stand strong in my own power and truth when met with challenging situations and energies.
I find myself saying my truth even more so than before and being able, without effort, to be able to stand in my power with people and situations. Saying that, I don't feel that it has hardened me in any way, but more has supported me in allowing myself to be soft and open- hearted in the world without fear of being knocked off my feet. I feel more open to love and relating and feel able in myself to go for my dreams and goals

I found Puja to be very professional and caring in a hearty, nurturing, open way and found the space in which she practises her sessions to be extremely fresh and cleansing. She continues to be a friend and a great support to me even after the sessions.

I don't know what I was expecting but the sessions themselves were very relaxing and non-intrusive. I am personally very sensitive to energy work on my body and could feel it moving through and in and out of my body in a gentle way throughout. I won't say that it was all roses, because for me it wasn't, I had some darkness lifted from me and it took a while to shift and go over the following days. During that time I felt very vulnerable and shaky in myself but also found a new inner strength and ability to protect myself and see clearly the energy that I did and did not want in my space and around me. I felt Puja was extremely supportive of me through this and stood by me, even after the actual sessions were complete. I feel like the door has been shut to whatever it was that was lingering around me and I continue to empower and balance myself with techniques and tools that Puja taught me to support myself.

I would highly recommend an AuraTransformation with Puja to anyone.
I personally feel that one will get more from having an AuraTransformation if they really choose to be open to change and open their hearts to the possibilities it may bring.

Thank you Puja for your love and support and your new-found friendship

Maggie Bird


It's fair to say that, despite having experienced much benefit from healing sessions with Puja for many months, and having also developed a trust and regard for her as an individual, I nevertheless went into our Aura Transformation work feeling agnostic about some of the movement's grander claims. Could just a few hours of specialised energy healing really lead to radical changes in myself and my life?

Fast forward three months, and it is striking that several of the changes that Puja predicted for me have begun to come to pass. Energy is flowing more strongly, clearly and consistently through my life, and manifesting in both renewed and new friendships and business relationships. I'm more empowered — and impelled — to speak from my intuition and with emotional honesty. It's not all a bed of roses, as areas of challenge continue to come into strong focus (again, much as predicted by Puja). But on balance, I feel noticeably more whole and more connected with myself and others than I did three months ago.

So thanks Puja, for your sincere and heartfelt contribution to my spiritual life. It has made a difference!

Luke Razzell
Digital Designer


I am feeling great, very expanded and a lot more whole and complete. Loving life!

Mala Dodhia
Energy Healer


It was my partner at the time that first introduced me to AuraTransformation™ back in 2012.
She radiated a power and presence I hadn’t seen in anyone before apart from young children. Still I
dismissed the idea as just another spiritual technique that would be all the rage for a while and then
fade. I had been struggling for years with poor health, addictions and lack of purpose. And did not
dare to hope for change.
Our relationship ended and I moved to a new city where the pace was faster, there
was more stimulation and lots of creative opportunities for work and relationships. However, there
was a problem. I felt totally overwhelmed with it, bombarded by stimulation and like my energy
system just couldn’t take it. I started to think that maybe the AuraTransformation™ could offer a
solution to this by upgrading my energy system to be more in alignment with the current planetary
energies. I tuned into my intuition and was shown a butterfly which I had always associated with
transformation. I then asked for guidance as to which Practitioner to approach. Puja Louise Brown
was shown and we soon set a date for December 2013.
The time leading up to the AT was not easy. I had many doubts about doing it
& even had close friends asking me to reconsider for my own health and safety.
Still I decided to stick to my decision. I didn’t think things could get any worse. On the day of
the appointment I seemed to be freaking out inside, getting the timings wrong with the trains.
Fortunately for me Puja was warm and understanding and welcomed me into her home clinic. I
felt clearer already. The process lasted for 3 hours where I was told that I had almost completely
destroyed my old aura through my desire for spiritual connection over the years and so was left
quite vulnerable. A new Balance Body was placed around me and I felt contained, home. I was told where my healing challenges & blocks were & also about my Talents & Strengths that would unfold, like Centredness, Inner Power & an affinity for Creativity & working with Children, Teenagers & Young People. It was a powerful experience and for a few days after I was feeling fantastic as well as a bit wiped out on the cellular level as something transformational had taken place.
Over the coming weeks I became accustomed to being in this new energy system which I could only describe as different. I certainly felt a stronger sense of personal will and integrity. I also became much more aware of the blocks Id been holding in my body. My
relationships with other people began to change. I no longer felt the same strength of desire
to 'chase women' or hang out with people who were stuck in old karmic patterns of thought and
behaviour. I began to long for the company of others who had done an AuraTransformation™ and
children. It also became clearer to me that part of my Dharma involved working with children
and youth as a kind of bridge, being an adult who understands their world energetically. I had the
best Christmas with my family that I can remember because I no longer felt the weight of karma
between us. There was still bodily work to do on clearing karmic patterns from my cells but it
wasn’t present in my aura any more and so it didn’t seem to trigger anything in my family. I felt
particularly grateful for how things changed between me and my brother who gave me a subtle,
perplexed look as he couldn’t figure out subconsciously what had changed. I felt more whole,
collected and my presence was of being more empowered.
The journey continues and lately it has been about allowing my body to release
very old pains and traumas which have emerged without any effort on my part. I am now working
more with children as a therapeutic playworker and truly enjoying their company as well as the
clearness of their energy. Yesterday I was shown intuitively a clear picture of my dharma in this
ife and it feels incredibly liberating and the answer to a lifelong question. I believe having the AuraTransformation™ has paved the way for this as I am no longer clouded by such deep shadows as I
had. I am attracting relationships with people who resonate with my level of consciousness and am
enjoying many gifts each day. I feel very positive about my decision to do an AuraTransformation™
and have never looked back.

Gareth Tanner
Creativity Therapist


You are amazing!
The work you did surpassed all my expectations.
Things are flowing better now and I am processing a lot.
It was a major step forward for me yesterday - I never had such a big energetic shift in a single healing session.
Thank you.

IT Technician


I first made contact with Puja as I needed something to help with my fairly constant feelings of stress/anxiety, poor sleep, frequent headaches & erratic energy levels.
I also found it hard to be touched due to earlier life events.
Over the months, I've noticed a profound difference.
I now sleep well & my energy is more stable.
I have finally discovered what it is to feel a sense of inner calm & stillness.
Whereas initially touch felt frightening & uncomfortable, it is now blissful & reassuring!
I would not hesitate to recommend Puja - she has an ability to work powerfully & yet sensitively & gently with the body in a safe, healing way.

Lauren McKendrick
Child Therapist / Play Therapist


I found the Reiki 1st Degee Course very enjoyable & informative.
It was well structured & clearly explained.
Since learning & practising Reiki, I feel more open & connected to things & more grounded.
My life has changed in many ways.
Puja, I want to thank you for starting me on this journey.

Inka Supinova
Self-Employed Housekeeper


My first Reiki Taster Treatment was with Puja & I was immediately impressed with her kindness & professionalism.
I booked a few more Reiki Treatments with Puja & what I liked about her was that she never put me under pressure to book another session, she always left it entirely up to me.
A few months later, I have taken the Reiki 1st Degree Course with her & I totally enjoyed her way of teaching:
in a very friendly atmosphere, open to all questions, she made us feel safe & comfortable.
She introduced the different Reiki techniques in a very calm, patient & professional way.
I'd definitely recommend her as a Reiki Healer & Teacher.
I'm currently planning on taking Reiki 2nd Degree with her.

Maria Cau
Billing Analyst / Financial Administrator

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