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Crystal Tales

Tales from the life of an AuraMediator, to entertain & delight you.

An AuraMediator upgrades people's energies with an AuraTransformation™ so that they can live their life with the greatest ease, love & joy, according to their highest potential.
It is a ground-breaking, One-Time Permanent Awakening Treatment, bringing your spirit & body together to give you the charisma, drive & intuition to live the life of your dreams.

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Taking Back Your Power : Letting Go of Someone Close To You

Sometimes, as part of your Crystallisation, you will need to clear out of your body & aura, the energy of someone very close to you that you love dearly, like a friend, lover, family member, colleague. This is because although all of your own energy was cleaned at the time of your AuraTransformation, your attachment to this person has allowed them to creep back in. Absolute honesty is needed to see what benefits you gain for allowing them to do this & why you let them hold you back. And when the time is right, you will need to cut their energy loose, which can feel like a mourning period. But absolutely necessary in order for you to fly free.Timing is everything...readiness to let go is avoid ‘premature evacuation’! And of course forgiveness all round & trust that the love will remain no matter what.

With love

December 7th 2014

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Fear: Facing the Dragon

As I was walking on the beach yesterday with a new friend, another all-too-familiar friend showed up - Fear.
It was rooted in upping my game work-wise.
I have been taking steps, since I trained as an AuraMediator last May, to fulfil my dream of spreading Consciousness about AuraTransformation™ & the possibilities offered by The New time Energies as far & wide as is possible:
I talk to friends, Clients & anyone new I meet who might be interested.
I held by my first public talk about it in February...& what took me so long was sheer terror!

I have to say in fairness, that since my AuraTransformation™, my everyday fear levels have virtually disappeared & the usual challenges don't phase me anymore, little things that used to make my stomach churn with fear just don't anymore - hallelujah to AuraTransformation™!
This is also the case for other negative emotions that I easily & regularly succumbed to - anger, judgment of myself & others & pain. Now I still feel everything, but difficult emotions seem more fiery & short-lived, a flash & they flow through like water. I honestly didn't realise how much time & energy I spent feeling bad, until it all changed after my AT & I generally feel quite happy in the moment, focussing all my energy on what is directly in front of me & just enjoying the simple things in life. Time seems to have elongated as I spend less of it chewing on the past or plotting /fearing the future. So NOW is MORE NOW & less THEN! Proper living!

Anyway, to get back to the Fear..much known & unknown trauma has been dealt with before & after my AuraTransformation™...but the remaining fear is of Stepping Up / Being Powerful & Visible in my Work / Fear of being ridiculed, punished & killed for who I am (Past Life Witch anyone?). Before my first AT Talk, I spent a lot of time almost shaking & quite paralysed with fear thinking about it...I would dream of standing alone on a huge stage in front of a massive audience & horror of horrors, standing there quaking & mute...with no words passing my lips!
And yet I still went ahead & did it - & after a quaky start I was soon in my element talking about what I love - AuraTransformation™ & the ascending consciousness on our planet into a more heart-based life. As I spoke I felt all my power flood back into me, literally my body & energy expanded & I felt deeply happy & content. I felt like Wonder Woman. This feeling continued for a few weeks after. Every time I do a new AuraTransformation™ it grows even more.

And therein lies the magic - Fear is as big as Your Passion. And moving towards your passion is always exciting & happy-making.

So as I walked along the beach with my 2 friends, I turned towards one of them, instead of the natural instinct to turn away from the unpleasantness. I felt my belly had a dozen frightened swallows trapped in it, my breathing was shallow, shoulders curved round my heart, & as I looked out to the waves on the sea, I let my breath sync with the waves & felt the sun warm my cheeks. The closer I got to the sensations the more they were just that, sensations. Thoughts of how vulnerable we all are, how life could stop unexpectedly at any moment & will in fact do just that at some point, flooded me... in & out, in & out. And soon the sensations started to feel just like fluttering energy & actually seemed quite enjoyable. Seems my recently completed Mindfulness Facilitator Training was not in vain.

As I put one foot in front of the other on the beach, I became more & more present. And in joy.

I feel so much more courage & passion from walking towards my Fear. So I say.. in the immortal footwear words...JUST DO IT!

I hope you JUST DO IT too.

With much love to you.

April 4th 2014

Blog/Crystal Tales. Pink Clearing

Care & Maintenance of your own Energy

To some extent, we always exchange energies when interacting with people, animals, places & situations.
Often a trace of our individual energy is left behind.
To prevent this, we can collect or own energies while also sending away energies that do not belong to us.

This is an exercise on how to balance & maintain one's own energy level & quality.
The exercise can be beneficial to anyone - however, people who have
already received an AuraTransformation™ & have the new aura structure & balancing body see the best results.

It is important to mobilize your focused willpower & energy without tensing up the muscles in your body while doing this exercise.

Step 1: Draw all of your energy back to yourself through a filter.

Imagine that you are drawing all of your own personal, and therefore rightful, energy back to yourself from all people, places, projects, animals, etc. that you have been involved with, have spent time with, or thought of throughout the day or even in the distant past.
You also must have the intention of drawing all of your energy back from any people who may have been thinking about you; even those whom you may not have been consciously aware of.
Also, you must draw back all of your energy from people, places and events that you have consciously or unconsciously given your energy to or who may have been draining or tapping into your energy. It is important that you imagine that you are pulling your energy back through a cleansing filter before it comes all the way back into your system. This ensures that you receive only your own personal clean and clear energy without any unwanted attached energies.

Step 2: Send others´energy back.

Imagine that you are sending all the energy that you have with you that is not yours back to where it came from. Don't cleanse it first, or send love or flowers with it. Whoever owns the energy should be given the chance to learn to be responsible for their own energy and to consciously ask for help when needed, rather than get into a habit of sending it to somebody else to deal. If you do this exercise properly, you are left with your own clean, clear, pure, gathered, natural energy.

Step 3: Balance your personal energies.

Visualize and feel your entire aura field and physical body being cleansed & balanced (with the blue/indigo colour of the Balance aura body if you have had an AuraTransformation™).
After this step you will be more in tune and can better work on developing and refining your own personal energy and intuition, cleansed from other people's energies and influences.

The exercise can be done as needed and especially when you have been near people or places that you know do not necessarily have good conscious intentions toward you. This exercise can be very good if you feel uncomfortable or feel bad energy in or around yourself, or feel annoyed or disturbed in your immediate environment.

Likewise, it could be good to do this exercise if you suddenly have the realization that you are, from one moment to the next, reacting or thinking in inconsistent ways. This can mean that you have taken on others' ways of being into your own personal sphere/aura.
You can decide for yourself if you want to say specific names or to define the persons - such as family, colleagues or groups that you have been with. Or, you can make up your own system to use with this exercise as your own personal tool.

This exercise was created by Ani Sennov, the inventor of AuraTransformation™.

23rd March 2014

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