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Reiki Training

Reiki Training. Lotus Pure

Reiki Teaching

Reiki means Universal Life Energy & was rediscovered from ancient teachings by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan at the end of the nineteenth century. It is a profound path of healing, growth & spiritual deepening through self-healing & healing others.

It gives you the tools to create a happy, healthy & fulfilling life.

I teach traditional Usui Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho) & adhere to the Reiki Association Guidelines for Course Content, Form, Prices & Code of Ethics.

I am a Reiki Master Member of Embody (MCThA), & am looking to join their Reiki Master Teacher Register.

I have been practising meditation, healing & bodywork since 1989,
Reiki since 1991 & teaching healing & energy-work in a psychotherapeutic setting for nine of those years.

Reiki Training. Pink Lotus Pure

Reiki 1st Degree

One Weekend | Sat - Sun 11-5 | 205
A fun way to learn to give healing to yourself, friends & family.

You will:

  • give & receive loving, nourishing touch
  • activate & accelerate the body’s own healing mechanism
  • learn a simple tool to access your own inner peace & beauty anytime
  • understand the cause of physical & emotional difficulties
  • kick-start your own & others’ personal transformation journey
  • feel more peace, joy, energy & purpose
  • increase your own life force

      Course Content:
    • Oral Tradition, Lineage & History of Reiki
    • 4 Attunements to open you up as a healing channel
    • Spiritual Principles of Reiki
    • Subtle Bodies & Energy Layers
    • Glandular System, Chakras, Internal Organs
    • Demonstration & Practice of Hand Positions
    • Healing Reactions, Benefits & Effects on Practitioner & Recipient
    • Self-healing
    • Reiki 2nd Degree Explanation, Pre-requisites & Case Studies

      You will receive:

    • A Manual
    • A Reiki 1st Degree Certificate

  • Reiki Training. Lotus Flower In Hand

    Reiki 2nd Degree

    One Weekend | Sat – Sun | 14:00 – 17:00 | 350
    Deepening your healing power & manifesting abilities & enabling you to work as a professional Reiki Practitioner (with an insurance-approved Anatomy & Physiology Qualification).

    • At least 3-months since Reiki 1st Degree Attunement
    • Written Case-Studies & Progress Assessment Meeting with Reiki Master (21 Self-Treatments & 20 Treatments on 5 different Friends / Family)
      Course Content
    • Theory, Practice & Use of the 3 Sacred Reiki Symbols
    • Distant Physical Healing
    • Space Clearing
    • Healing over Space & Time on the Mental/Emotional Level
    • Healing of Situations, Energetic Patterns & Habits Past/Present/Future
    • Professional Practice Management (Insurance, Marketing & Advertising, Affiliation to Professional Bodies, Communication & Client Care, Self-Care, Creating a professional healing space)
    • 1 Attunement
      You will receive:
    • A manual
    • A Reiki 2nd Degree Certificate

    Reiki Training. Deep Pink Lotus

    Reiki Master

    An Apprenticeship, usually of at least 2 years | Price on Application

    A life-long commitment to the practice & teaching of Reiki.

    The Student will organise, enrol & take care of practicalities & assist at Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree Courses taught by the Reiki Master.

    At the end of this training, several Study Days will be spent with the Master in which the Student will receive the Master Attunement & will be instructed in how to teach Reiki 1st & 2nd Degrees & Masters & will practice the related Attunements.

    • 2 years Professional Practice at Reiki 2nd Degree Level
    • Case Study & Professional Assessment Meetings with the Master to be decided on an individual basis.

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